The team has been dedicated to the field of precision injection molds for nearly 20 years

About Us

We have first-class technology to meet your needs. We focus on precision injection molding and precision injection molding molds,Keli Aide's service areas include mobile phones, automobiles, healthcare, and electronics. Keli Aide is committed to developing injection molded plastic parts and components, including mobile phones, automotive precision plastic parts, optical components, surgical instruments, medical plastic equipment, precision testing equipment, etc. KoliEd has the following advantages, including: from planning to design, manufacturing, injection molding, and shipping, we provide one-stop services throughout the entire process, which means we can shorten the development cycle of the entire project and win time for your product. Our technology and first-class processing equipment can strictly control the machining accuracy of the mold within the tolerance range, making the mold have better stability and lifespan. This is crucial in the field of precision injection molding, and our technology enables us to provide customers with high-quality products. Our design team has rich design experience and is able to design and produce high-quality products to meet customer needs

Our Vision

To be the world class plastic solution provider and best tool manufacturer

based on quality, lead-time and cost

Our Mission

To satisfy customers
To satisfy employees
To satisfy suppliers

with technology and innovation

Main Production Process

Early involvement such as DFMA

Tool design & too making

Injection molding

Plastic printing

Manual and fully automated assembly


Injection molding thermoplastic resin (1K & 2K )

Over-molding metal inserts



Research & Development Capacity